Living with Anxiety

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Course Description

A short, easy-to-follow, self-help course, designed to help you, gain insight and understanding of anxiety, recognize your own symptoms and triggers, and learn ways to manage your anxiety.

At the end of this course, you will have gained insight and awareness of anxiety, along with some useful tools, strategies, and ideas to support yourself and others. Printable materials are included with this course that you can keep, and use in the future.

Learning outcomes: 

  1. An awareness of what anxiety is
  2. Learn how to recognise signs and symptoms 
  3. Identity your own symptoms, triggers and responses 
  4. Take away some effective tools and strategies

All downloadable course materials are available, on the Materials tab above.


The end of the Module quiz covers each outcome

10 questions – need 60% to pass 

  1. Quiz – Overall recap

Materials are only available to enrolled learners.

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