Working with Series

COMING SOON, Our range of Professional CPD Courses.

Each course will have a descriptive page that enables the learner or organisation to assess if the course they are interested in has sufficient material to satisfy their learning needs or requirements. Most courses in this series of courses will be one module with 3 Learning Outcomes

There will be 3 or more Learning Outcomes, each with its own set of assessments and quizzes that must be successfully completed prior to moving to the next module. The final assessment must be successfully completed prior to a course completion certificate being issued to the learner.

These courses provide knowledge, understanding, and awareness whether you are a Health and Social Care Professional or an individual who may be providing any service to another person seeking someone to listen to them, to hear them, to help and support them in anything that is related to the topics covered in the ‘Working With’ suite of courses. 

Health and Social Professionals working in Health, Care, and public service roles. This includes:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Police Officers
  • Fire Crews
  • Ambulance Crews
  • Prison Officers
  • Refuge Workers
  • Community Support Worker
  • Helpline Support Worker
  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Social Workers
  • Solicitors 
  • Therapists

Other roles and personal interests:

This may be an area of interest to you that you would like to gain further knowledge in, or you may want to learn more to understand the subject and how you may help another person who may be experiencing thoughts or feelings related to the subject.  This may include: 

  • volunteer in any capacity
  • member of a religious organizations 
  • the group leader or chairperson of a regular meeting place
  • carer for someone
  • the person that works within any organization where you have been approached by someone self-harming who needs some support
  • sponsor or group member for those attending Drug and Alcohol meetings e.g Alcoholics Anonymous 
  • Magistrate or Court Clerk
  • receptionist in a company or organization 
  • dinner lady
  • HR personnel of any organization 
  • team members working within the public providing a service e.g 
    • Bar person, Hairdresser, Beautician, Barber, Gym Instructor, Swimming Coach, P.E Instructor, Driving Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Shopkeeper, 
  • A person who simply wants to help and support another person

To enroll in any of our courses, click on the link for the desired course from our website and click on the ‘Take This Course’ button, after the checkout process, all your available courses will be visible on your account page.

Each course in the Working With series will cost £55.00 per learner.

We do have a fee structure in place for organizations if you are wishing to enroll 5 people or more within an organization into one of our working with courses please contact us by email and we contact you to arrange a call to discuss your organizational learning requirements and the pricing structure.